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Obesitas in Cina


China's Obesity Pandemic

Lu Zhihao, 4, kicks a ball at a basketball court in Foshan, Guangdong province March 28, 2011. Lu, who is 1.1m tall and weighs 62 kg, put on weight dramatically since his appetite grew when he was 3 months old. His worried parents took him to several hospitals, but the reason for his obesity remains unknown, though it is possibly due to his dietary habit, according to local media. Picture taken March 28, 2011. (REUTERS/Joe Ta


2 thoughts on “Obesitas in Cina

  1. terus sekarang gimana pak itu? kan udah 3 tahun nih..

    • mungkin kalau tidak sadar gemuk itu tidak sehat dan tidak melakukan diet , atau merubah gaya hidup
      untuk memilih makanan yang sehat , bahaya kan.

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